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Alessandria: Public-Private Partnership for a more Modern Healthcare

A JV consortium led by Medipass was chosen to implement the entire new diagnostic imaging department (about 800 m²), and provide both high-tech equipment and medical and technical staff to support the hospital’s workforce.

In Alessandria, the Azienda Ospedaliera's new radiology facility will revolutionise the hospital's healthcare provision to the entire province.
Through a European tender for a public-private partnership (PPP), qualified operators were selected to cooperate with the hospital in the installation of advanced medical equipment, and in lab testing activities to support the hospital’s radiologists.
The activities remain under the hospital’s direction and the project is financed through a tax on investments and a share of the value of the procedures carried out during the 8-year contract.
The JV consortium led by Medipass won the tender to plan and implement the entire department (about 800 m²), provide and install the sophisticated medical equipment, supervise maintenance of the facility and provide medical and technical staff to support the hospital’s own team.