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Diagnostic Imaging Service Launch – Casa di Cura Villa Laura

Gruppo Italcliniche chose Medipass to upgrade and manage the Diagnostic Imaging Service at Casa di Cura Villa Laura in Bologna, a private hospital offering free medical procedures within the Italian national health service.

Casa di Cura Villa Laura desired to provide a more modern and efficient diagnostic service.

Medipass renewed the technology park by integrating a high field MRI scanner, replacing traditional radiotherapy and ultrasound equipment, and providing a RIS-PACS system to share digital images between departments.

Part of the building provided by the Casa di Cura was fully renovated to create a more welcoming environment, and adapted to the new medical equipment and objectives.

The need to make the new service immediately operative required Medipass to optimise and synchronise all implementation stages with intense Project Management activity, with minimal disruption to the Casa di Cura's regular medical activities.

The Diagnostic Imaging Service will be managed by Medipass under the Casa di Cura’s general direction, with the provision of its own staff and by using hospital-provided resources for general activities.