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Green Light for the Proton Therapy Centre

Treatment for advanced cancer: the contract is signed. It will cost 159 million euros.

MESTRE. Mestre will be the first Italian city to have a Proton Therapy Centre for cancer treatment.
The works could start within a year. The centre will take 4 years to complete and will cost about 159 million in project financing, 63 million of which will cover the procurement of advanced medical equipment. It will treat up to 4,000 patients a year.
Mestre was chosen over Verona and Padova not only for its location, close to an extremely technologically advanced hospital and an airport, but also because in Veneto, and especially in the Venice area, the incidence of cancer is 50% higher than the national average.
An urgent and effective therapeutic solution is needed to give hope to cancer patients.
At the moment, Ulss 12 spends 102 million euros a year on cancer treatment.
The contract was signed date by the General Manager of Ulss 12 Antonio Padoan, president of the winning Proton Therapy Centre (Ptc) consortium Antonio Parente and managing directors of Hideal, Condotte, Gemmo, Varian and Medipass.
“We have overcome the technical, organisational, financial and especially political difficulties”, said Antonio Padoan, Director of Ulss 12. As far as legal procedures are concerned, the Region has only a technical point on variations left to approve. This is a huge project, a forward-looking choice that will greatly benefit Veneto. The minimum number of patients to amortise management costs is about 1,500/year, but, once fully operative, the Centre could serve up to 4,000 patients a year”.
Antonio Parente represents the consortium that will build the Proton Therapy Centre in Mestre on the site of Ospedale All'Angelo. “It is the start of an adventure. We thank the institution and Ulss 12 for believing in us. We are waiting for the Region to approve some amendments to the project and we have already launched soil investigations at the building site. Project financing has strict deadlines and requires full commitment”.

(29-07-2011 – Il Gazzettino VeneziaMestre)
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