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Mestre: Green Light to the Proton Therapy Centre for Cancer Treatment

Now that the construction contract has been signed, the project, promoted by Medipass, has reached the implementation stage. It is one of the greatest medical tech projects ever launched in Italy. Proton therapy is considered particularly effective in cancer treatment, and has been adopted by some of the most prestigious medical institutions in the world.

MESTRE. The contract for the construction of the Proton Therapy Centre for treatment of advanced cancer was signed by general manager of Ulss Antonio Padoan, president of the Ptc consortium Antonio Parente and managing directors of Hideal, Condotte, Gemmo, Varian and Medipass (KOS group).
Now the project will proceed rapidly: an information meeting is scheduled for September 2011, and the works, which will last 4 years, are expected to begin within a year.
The Proton therapy centre in Mestre will be built behind Hospital dell’Angelo.
It will be built on a project financing basis with an investment of 159 million euros, 63 million of which will cover advanced medical equipment.
“Today, after years of technical, political and financial difficulties, we run the last leg of a race that began in June 2005, said Antonio Padoan, General Manager of Ulss 12. The proposal by former President of Veneto, Giancarlo Galan, also promoted by the current president, Luca Zaia, was extremely forward-looking. Today about thirty institutions in the world use this type of therapy, that is less invasive and improves the patients’ quality of life. The fact that the centre will be in Mestre makes us very proud, especially since the incidence of cancer in the Venice area is 50% higher than the national average”.
At the moment Ulss 12 spends 102 million euros a year on cancer treatment.
“It is the beginning of a great adventure, said Antonio Parente, president of the Ptc group, that required great perseverance. We are waiting for the Region to approve some amendments to the project, and we have already launched soil investigations. Project financing has strict deadlines and requires full commitment”.
Guglielmo Brayda, Medipass Managing Director, said, “We are delighted that this project, strongly promoted by Medipass, has finally reached the implementation stage. It is one of the greatest medical tech projects ever launched in Italy. The path of proton therapy, that will gradually replace radiotherapy, has been taken by some of the world’s most prestigious medical institutions. Cancer health care centres based on proton therapy operate in the United States, Japan, Germany, and the UK. The Veneto region joins this elite circle”.
Mauro Mei, the Varian representative, explained how the centre will be structured, “The 5 treatment rooms will work 16 hours a day, allowing for the treatment of 3 patients per hour for each gantry, so up to 120-150 patients a day”.
With the treatment of 1,500 patients a year the company will break even, but the centre can serve 4,000 patients per year. One cycle of proton therapy consists of 20-30 sessions and costs about 23,000 euros.

Architect Emilio Ambasz, the man behind Banca degli occhi and Ospedale dell’Angelo, will be the artistic advisor of the Proton Therapy Centre. This will guarantee the hospital complex a certain aesthetic continuity.
The centre will cover 11,440 m² (about the size of a football field) on a total area of 16,000 m, and will use proton therapy based on proton, rather than photon, beams. This is currentlyconsidered the most advanced cancer treatment available.
It is the only technique to target cancer cells without damaging the surrounding healthy tissues. The Proton Therapy Centre will be a 13 m high, four-storey building with one underground floor. The cyclotron, the device producing protons, is 3 m high x 5 m diametre. The beams will reach five gantries (7 m diametre) across five treatment rooms.

(29-07-2011 – azienda Ulss 12 veneziana)
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