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Proton Beams Reduce Damage to Healthy Tissues

Advantages over photon therapy, patients from all over Italy.

The title “Proton Therapy Centre” may sound pretentious, but friends and relatives of cancer patients know how difficult and complex treatment procedures can be: patients’ lives often hang by a thread.
Protons (elementary particles with a positive electric charge) reduce the damage to healthy tissues caused by radiotherapy, which is based on beams of photons (elementary particles of light).
That is why the future of radiotherapy lies in protons, recommended for the treatment of solid tumours ( not for cancers of the blood), such as brain, prostate and eye tumours, and especially of children: targeting the cancer cells, therefore reducing the damage to healthy tissues, and resulting in a better quality of life and longer life expectancy.
The Ptc (Proton Therapy Centre) is fundamental to give hope to the many people who fight this illness every day, especially if we consider that, unfortunately, the Veneto region has an exceptionally high incidence of cancer.
Upon completion of the facility, Regione Veneto will begin talks with other regions and the Proton Therapy Centre in Mestre will treat patients from all over Italy.
For this reason, the Local Health Authority has also started to consider, together with the private operators involved, the necessity to create an accommodation service for the patients that will need to stay on in Mestre for at least one month in order to undergo the cycle of therapy.
Several project ideas, such as the one proposed by the former priest of Carpenedo, don Armando Trevisiol, and then abandoned, could be reconsidered.

(29-07-2011 – La Nuova Venezia)
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