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San Pio X Opens its Radio-therapy Dept. It will Offer a more Precise Technique

Casa di Cura San Pio X of Fondazione Opera San Camillo in Milan, has opened its new Radiotherapy service. The Casa di Cura entrusted Medipass with the management of the Service, the provision of staff and of the entire Radiotherapy system.

It provides radiation therapies with state-of-the-art techniques such as RapidArc with IGRT (Image Guided Radiotherapy), optimised for curative treatments in the head and neck area, in the chest and in the abdomen and pelvis, and urological and gynaecological.
Dr. Simona Castiglioni, head of the Radiotherapy Service, explains how: “With the two linear accelerators we can deliver radiation therapies with the extremely precise RapidArc technique that in a few minutes allows us to carry out an optimal curative treatment.
The accelerator, while rotating around the patient, modulates the shape and intensity of the beam. This means there is a better chance of destroying cancer cells and a lesser risk of side effects”.
Radiotherapy, as part of a multidisciplinary cancer treatment tailored to each patient depending on type and stage of the cancer, can be used for curative purposes (on its own or combined with surgery and/or chemo-therapy) or as part of palliative care.
All treatments can be provided privately or as part of the free national health service.

(18-11-2012 – Il Giornale)
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