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SDA Bocconi: Medipass among the Supporters of the “Public & Private Facto-ry” for the Development of the PPP Model in Italy.

Partnership agreements between Public Services and private operators are widely used to make budget-constrained health care expenditure more efficient and to satisfy a complex and diversified demand. Public-private partnership agreements (PPP) can be successfully applied in the healthcare sector.

Among these, for the necessary renovation of hospitals and the technologies they employ, construction and management lease agreements have been frequently employed in the last decade. Such agreements are inspired by the westernized model, which absorbs many medical services whose fees generate cash flows that amortise not only management costs, but also initial investments.

The definition and management of sustainable PPP contracts requires a co-evolution of public and private operators, the joint analysis of instruments and the development of expertise.

For over 20 years, Medipass has pursued its aim to boost the public offer through the integration of private resources. By virtue of its national and international experiences, Medipass supports SDA Bocconi in the organisation of the second edition of the Public & Private Factory for healthcare investments, coordinated by prof. Veronica Vecchi.